March 26, 2017
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E-Appeal Navigation

e-Appeal Navigation


A. Top menus � There are two top menus:


(1)     Before you start e-Appeal; and

(2)     After you start or re-start e-Appeal.


These menus have links to key e-Appeal informational and functional options:


(1) Top Menu Before Starting e-Appeal


A brief introduction to e-Appeal.


Basic questions and answers on the MSPB initial appeal process

Your Computer & e-Appeal

Tips on how to make your computer work well with e-Appeal.

e-Appeal Navigation

Tips on how to get around the e-appeal system.

Public Reporting

Our estimate of time needed to complete e-Appeal.

New Appeal

Takes you to the log-in page. When logged in with this option you can file a new appeal with the Board or access a saved, but unsubmitted appeal.


Takes you to login page. When logged in with this option you can file a Pleading in an Existing Proceeding.


Takes you to login page. When logged in with this option you can initiate Addendum Proceeding Following Final MSPB Decision.

e-Filing Status

Takes you to login page. When logged in with this option you can View/Change e-Filing Status.



(2) Top Menu After Starting e-Appeal


Allows you to start a new appeal or select an existing appeal


Allows you to continue the interview process, starting in the section you last accessed.

Attach Files

Allows you to resolve attachments which may be added to your appeal.


Allows you to verify and submit your appeal to MSPB online or off-line.


Gives you the option for printing one or more pages.

My Account

Allows you to update your e-Appeal identity information.


Allows you to save and leave e-Appeal until you are ready to return.


B. Menu-Related Questions and Answers.


(1)     What happens if I want to stop for a while? You can stop what you are doing at any time by choosing the �Save/Exit� button.  The data entered up to that point will be saved for an appeal.

(2)     How do I save my information? Entries you made on the screen will be saved upon exit if you have clicked on the back or continue buttons after you made those entries.  Entries will also be saved, if you click the "Save/Exit" button within an Interview Section.

(3)   What will happen if I walk away or forget to exit? e-Appeal will automatically stop if you haven't saved an entry in 20 minutes; a 15 minute warning will appear on the screen.  A saved entry (by hitting back or continue button) resets the clock.

(4)     What are my options when I have finished? You will be given six options when you reach the end of e-appeal:

(a)     submit (click the "Validate Appeal" button to check your information to see if everything required is entered); after you fix any missing/required data, select the "Validate Appeal" button (available if you select Submit from the top menu). If everything is OK, you can choose to submit your appeal offline or online.  If you choose to submit your appeal offline, you must print the appeal and mail in the forms.  If you choose to submit online, you must select the office to which you would like to submit your appeal.  Following the screen prompts will send your application electronically to MSPB. After submission, print the application for your records.

start (top menu item; puts the form on hold to continue later);

(b)   (c)   exit/save (top menu item; puts the form on hold to continue later; closes the e-Appeal application);


(c)    delete (delete all data relating to an appeal);

(d)   print data summary (print only what you have entered into the e-Appeal system);

(e)   print paper form (print the completed form).